Rotary Club Responsibilities

  • Identify someone to serve at the club’s RYLA Representative
  • Support the RYLA Representative during the year and hold them accountable for what they are to do


RYLA Representative Responsibilities

  • Serve as your club’s official representative to RYLA and the primary person responsible in your club.
  • Request the number of slots your club would like for the number of students you want to send.
  • Complete all tasks by the specified deadlines.
  • Register students by the deadline.
  • All students must register online - information will be sent to the students from RYLA CHAIR
  • Follow-up with parents to make sure their student has registered on-line
  • Make arrangements to get each student to and from RYLA camp (students cannot drive themselves)
  • Arrange with the students to make a presentation to your local club within one - two months of RYLA camp about their experience


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