As Rotarians, we hope you can experience the power of Rotary on a global scale.  But we know that raising money for a service trip can be an enormous challenge.  As such, here's an opportunity to participate in a fundraiser to help defer some or all of the expense for the trip.  Students have found a lot of success selling oranges!  

Here's how it works:  Participants pre-sell cases of oranges at either $40.00 per case or $22.00 per half case.  Our cost for the oranges is approximately $18.50 per 40 lb case of 88 oranges - in March the cost is $19.50 per case. The net profit of approximately $21.50 or $20.50 (March) a case or $25.50 per half case. If you sold an entire pallet of 54 cases, your net profit would be $1,161,00, and if they were all half cases your net profit would be $1,377,00. This profit is yours to keep and use toward project expenses! You are free to set your selling price at whatever level you like. 

You have to have a minimum order of 4 pallets (208 cases) to have it delivered where you want it to be delivered. You will need to place your order 2 weeks prior to your desired delivery date and will need the full payment 10 days before the desired deliver date.

For more info, contact FruitStandFundraisers or email: Karlene Wells 

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